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Airline Reservation System Project | VB Project

airline reservation system project is an desktop application software. easier to install from windows. better way to use .net framework 4.5 for better performance of airline reservation system project. In this project the Flit timing such as arrival time and take up time of aero plane is also shown. with airline reservation system project documentation

College Management System Project | VB Project

college management system project is free project basically developed in visual studio of latest version. also er diagram of college management system is shown in following class diagram of college management system. which is not exactly related to project but it contain broad map of project. to know more download project report of college management

hospital Management system | VB Project

Our project Hospital Management system includes registration form for patients, stores their details into the system, and additionally processed charge within the pharmacy, and labs. Our software system has the power to grant a novel id for each patient and stores the main points of each patient and therefore the employees mechanically. It includes a

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